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Version 2.00
Release Notes


This document describes changes in LANScan added in Version 2.00a. It applies to all LANScan Software products, including:
LANScan Traffic View
LANScan Network Monitor
LANScan Professional

Upgrading from a previous version of LANScan

Previous versions of the LANScan configuration database ARE NOT compatible with LANScan Version 2.0. Please start with a new configuration database. If you have an extensive Version 1.x database, contact us at and we can assist you in upgrading.

New Features

Available in all versions:

New Summary View - The summary view now displays the top 5 hosts(top talkers) and the top 5 protocols in use on a network segment. This and the bandwidth data have been merged into a more compact explorer tree style view.

New Trend View - The Trend list displaying the active hosts and packet size distribution has been changed to an explorer tree style view. Now the devices and packet size information can be expanded or compressed for viewing.

New Trend View popup menu functions - 
Isolate - Now a single device trend can be isolated on the trend graph. Click on the device you want to view, then choose 'Isolate' from the popup menu(or toolbar). Only one trend line will be displayed - for the selected device. Choose 'Stop Isolate' to return to normal multi trend mode.

To isolate a different device, click on the device in the tree and then choose 'Isolate' again.

Pause - Click on pause to stop LANScans' refresh of real time data. You can use this feature to examine specific data in LANScan without having the screen refresh automatically. When you stop pausing, LANScan will display the current data.

New Protocol View function - From the popup menu, choose 'Expand' to show more details on the Session layer protocols. By default, LANScan shows statistics for common Session protocols and lumps unexpected session protocols into the 'Other' category. Selecting 'Expand' displays all Session port protocols separately. If you have a protocol using a specific IP port number, you can now see the traffic it is generating.

On all real time views, the 'Settings' button has been removed. The Settings dialog may be accessed using the toolbar button or by right-clicking anywhere in the view.

New startup actions - By default, LANScan will create Network Adapter objects, and will display the real time view for those objects automatically.

Multiple VIews - Any LANScan object(Network or Device) can now be displayed in multiple real time views. For example, a single Network object could be displayed by a view updating every second for a duration of 10 minutes, and also in a view updating every 5 minutes for 8 hours.

LANScan Network Monitor and Professional:

New Report Feature - LANScan can now generated scheduled network activity reports. The reports can be printed, saved to disk or emailed automatically.
Reports can contain network and/or device statistics. Configure reports from the System Settings dialog. Reports then will run without further configuration

New Comma Separated Varaible(CSV) Logging features - Now individual devices can create CSV log files. By choosing a device for logging, you get statistics filtered by the chosen device

New CSV Logging Frequency - LANScan can now generate CSV Statistics as often as every second. If a frequency less than 5 minutes is selected a warning dialog will be displayed warning the user of possible performance issues.

Main Menu changes - A new menu item, 'Tools' has been added. This contains some of the menu items from the Windows menu item as well as some new functions.

Default Workspace changes - LANScan no longer displays the Shortcut view by default. The Shortcut view may be invoked by the user from the toolbar or the 'Window' submenu, and it can be displayed automatically via the Workspace.

Layout View - Network objects now feature a Layout view. The layout displays icons for all devices and can be customized with lines, te4xt and bitmaps. Real time device status is displayed in the same manner as is done on the Explorer view.
You can double-click on the icon to access the device view automatically.

Toolbars - Added toolbar groups for quick access to Protocol, Trend and Conversation popup menu functions.

LANSCan Professional:

Historical Database Logging - LANScan Statistics are now logged automatically in a relational(Microsoft Access database. Logging occurs every 5 minutes. Tools for extracting the data are available on the web site
The System Settings dialog has been expanded to include a property sheet for configuring the database name.

Packet Capture - LANScan now supports full packet capture into an industry standard(Sun Snoop) file format. Packet Capture is configured via an addition property sheet in the System Settings dialog. Packet Capture is enabled by command in the 'Tool' menu. A status icon has been added to the status bar indicating the real-time packet capture status.
Contact LANScan Software for information on forthcoming tools for reviewing packet capture files.

Problems fixed in Version 2.0

Added toolbar button to toggle percentage display in views.

Fixed display of packet size information. Packets > 1519 bytes were reported incorrectly.

Trend View default settings modified to display multiple trends, with a limit of 10 trends.

Updated Copyright and Registered Trademark information.

Added error message explaining failures when adding a device from the Conversation, Trend or Protocol popup menus.

Extended demo timeout calculation was incorrectly stopping before actual demo time expired - Fixed.

'Create LANScan Device' and 'Quick Device View' would occasionally use the incorrect type of address. This resulted in blank real time views. Fixed

If a default class is configured, 'Add Device' now uses it.

Improved wording on the Trend Settings dialog.

Improved performance on networks with large node databases.

Changed default display on real time view creationg from 'Summary' to 'Trend'.

Removed unused 'Setting' child from the Explorer view.

Changed the 'Cascade' toolbar icon to better differentiate it from the 'Horizontal Tile' icon.

Modified Trace Route function to start tracing automatically when invoked.

Modified Active Test dialog to display hourglass icon while testing is in progress.

Contacting LANScan Software

You can reach us as follows:

Post: LANScan Software, Inc
2246 Ivy Road
Suite 15
Charlottesville, VA 22905 USA

Phone: 804 817 0014
Fax: 804 817 0173