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LANScan Known Problems

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Version 2.01 Problems

(0022)  Windows XP/2000 LANScan causes Windows to generate a STOP error under certain conditions. If you start LANScan, then disable your network adapter, then stop LANScan, Windows can fail with a STOP Error. Under investigation. For now, always close LANScan prior to disable/enable of a network adapter.

I get an error running the demo, such as - 
"Error creating configuration database. -3"
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed.

LANScan is having difficulty creating or openinig its configuration database. Try the following:
From the Program Menu, look for the LANScan Program Group. In their you should find a sub group for LANScan Professional, and in there, you should find a 'Prompt for Database' shortcut.
Run it and when prompted, enter a fully qualified, new database name (such as 'c:\LANScanTest').
LANScan will ask if its OK to create the database. Answer Yes, and LANScan should start up correctly.

(0021)  LANScan crashes when views are closed. When closing open real time views, LANScan can fail with a General Protection Fault. This is corrected in 2.01dS7.

(0020)  Auto Discovery can lock system. This occurs when Auto Discovery is cancelled while running. LANScan will lock up. This should be corrected in our next update(2.02a).

(0019)  IP address of ‘’ is reported. This occurs occasionally when LANScan receives packets without an IP address. The packets are valid, but the IP address cannot be determined. Switch to the ‘MAC Address’ view, and you’ll see the correct low level address for the packets. This is corrected in 2.01dS7.

(0018) On startup, LANScan fails with an 'Integer division by zero' error. LANScan can retain user settings including window locations for real time data views. Occasionally, these settings do not get updated properly, and when the settings are used to restore the LANScan workspace, this error occurs.  To correct this problem you must edit the system registry. Using regedit, find and delete the key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LANScan Software\LANScan\Workspace'. Restart LANScan.

(0017) LANScan reports 'Error accessing configuration database template -2' when you create a new configuration database. LANScan uses a default database which is copied when users create a new database. The default database, or 'template'  must be resident in the LANScan program directory. If it is not found, LANScan cannot create a new database and this error occurs. Correct this problem by reinstalling LANscan, which places a new copy of the template into the program directory.

(0016) LANScan reports 'Invalid Pointer' error when creating a network or device object. This occurs when LANScan encounters a version of Microsoft ActiveX Database Objects(ADO) that it cannot use. Try downloading the ADO tools from and installing, then rerun LANScan. If you still see the error, contact us at

Version 2.00b  Current Known Problems - including recent fixes

(0016) Viewing only a Log can cause LANScan to freeze - Opeining a LANScan log view, with no other views open, can cause LANScan to freeze or slow down.
Under investigation 

(0015) More than one NIC card of the same brand and model will cause LANScan to crash - By default, LANScan will try and create two network objects with the same name when there are two identical cards in the PC. This will cause LANScan to crash when it tries to display both network views.

To avoid the problem, do not allow LANScan to automatically create network objects for all adapters. On the Network Adapter dialog, manually create network objects for each card. Override the name LANScan assigns automatically to the object and make sure the names you choose are unique.
Corrected in Version 2.01c 

(0014) CSV File Logging does not save data for Network objects - LANScan does not retain the CSV logging settings for the Network object, and logging will not occur.
Corrected in Version 2.01c

(0013) Performance is sluggish on some networks - LANScan creates a real time database containing all host addresses. On networks with large numbers of IP addresses, this can overwhelm the LANScan PC. The result is that data collection cannot keep up with network traffic, memory usage goes very high, mouse response is slow and/or LANScan can fail. 
Corrected in Version 2.01c 

(0012) Closing a Device View can cause LANScan to fail - If the Device view contains no data (monitoring an address that was not found on the network) this can happen. 
Corrected in Version 2.01c

(0011) Clicking 'Modify' in the Shortcut Window can cause LANScan to fail - This has been confirmed by Owensville Systems. 
To be corrected in Version 2.01d.

(0010) Filters are not saved for Events - If you choose to filter traffic by protocol in an event the settings are not saved. 
To be corrected in Version 2.01d.

(0009) Event List in Device or Network Configuration shows '0' for threshold on Response type events - This has been confirmed by Owensville Systems. The event does use the threshold as shown in the Event configuration. This is a display problem only.
To be corrected in Version 2.01d.

(0008) 'LANScan cannot start - and displays 'System cannot find file specified' error - There are two known conditions that can cause this problem to occur:
On Windows 95 or 98 LANScan Traffic View is started on a system running Microsoft VPN.
On any Windows version, LANScan is started where there is no TCP/IP driver. 

LANScan uses the Microsoft NDIS protocol driver to monitor network traffic. If TCP/IP is installed, then NDIS will be available. If TCP/IP is not installed then NDIS may or may not be available. The Microsoft VPN driver problem is still under investigation.
Under investigation.

(0007) Comma Separated Variable(CSV) Log files may be named incorrectly - These files should be placed in a directory with the same name as the LANScan configuration database, in the directory containing the configuration database. Instead, a directory is created in the configuration database parent directory. 
Corrected in Version 2.01c

(0006) Reports can cause LANScan to fail  - If LANScan is configured to send reports via Email, but there is no valid email configuration on the LANScan PC, the program will fail. 
To be corrected in Version 2.02.

(0005) Toolbar customization dialog displays 'Invalid LANScan' as a selection - This has been confirmed by Owensville Systems. 
To be corrected in Version 2.02.

(0004) Active Test can be selected for non IP or DNS name device - This has been confirmed by Owensville Systems. 
To be corrected in Version 2.02.

(0003) LANScan Traffic View crashes when 'Enable CSV Logging' is selected in network object configuration - CSV Logging, 'Assign Devices to class' and Events are not supported features in LANScan Traffic View, and those options should not be available for selection. Until the software is updated - DO NOT ENABLE THOSE FEATURES! 
Corrected in Version 2.01cc.

(0002) Using the 'prompt' option to open a new database can generate a SQLConnect error -  entering 'prompt' on the LANScan command line will force LANScan to ask the user for a new configuration database name. If the name entered is not fully qualified with a path, then this error occurs.
Corrected in Version 2.01c

(0001) Using 'Plot Top' feature does not insure unique colors on the graph - 'Top Plot' will limit the LANScan Trend to display only the top n talkers and they should each use a unique color for the plot line(up to 16 lines). In some circustances, the colors are not remaining unique 
Under Investigation.


Problems found in Previous Versions

Trends and Bar Graphs disappear on Windows 95/98 - Occurs more frequently on versions prior to 1.50. The problem is due to a loss of System resources in the graphics software. The problem has been corrected, mostly, in the latest version. It is still possible to lose graphics due to temporary requirements for system resource that are not available.
Solution includes upgrading to the latest version and limiting open real time network or device views to four simultaneous windows.

License information lost - LANScan could lose licensing information, resulting in a reversion to demo mode. Also, a 'Product code' of all '????' would appear.
Version 1.60 significantly revised the licensing scheme, and the problem no longer occurs. Download the latest version and request a new License code, specifying your Invoice number to

Error 803 'No supported adapters found' - A problem in versions 1.51 and 1.60. LANScan did not properly identify all network adapters and monitoring would not start. 
To correct, download version 1.61, now available on the web site

Error 802 - Error 802 is reported when LANScan Network Monitor cannot initialize the database access routines. LANScan uses Microsoft ActiveX Database Objects(ADO) for managing the configuration database. If ADO is not found, or the version of ADO on the PC is not as expected, LANScan reports an error.
To correct this problem, download and install the ADO software. Owensville Systems has placed the software on our website. Click here to download.

Network Adapter not found - When LANScan is started for the first time, it identifies all network adapters on the PC and displays them in the Interface Assignment dialog. Occasionally, an Ethernet adapter may not show up. There are two known reasons for this to occur:

1> No NDIS driver for the adapter. An NDIS driver must be assigned to the adapter. Certain Novell installations may use the Novell ODI driver exclusively - and LANScan will not find the card. 

2> Corrupt Registry. Network registry settings are automatically made when Windows network settings are modified. Sometimes, when network adapters are changed, the registry can get corrupted in a way that allows network communications to continue. LANScan requires a complete, valid set of registry settings. Any errors can cause initialization to fail. The best solution is to remove all network drivers, reboot, and let Windows re-install the drivers.

Changing Active Test and adding Events simultaneously will not work correctly. - Active test setting chjanges are lost when an event is added. 
Save the device and the test settings first, then re-enter configuration to add events.

LANScan updates slowly - Version 1.40 of LANScan does not properly manage the number of points plotted on a trend graph, and the screen refresh can take a significant amount of CPU processing when multi line trending is enabled.
This problem is fixed in Version 1.60 and above.