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LANScan Reseller Program

We are seeking qualified Resellers for all versions of LANScan. Complete the Reseller Information Request Form for a full package. Click here to display the form.

Reseller Benefits




Sales Leads

Increase Customer base

LANScan Software supports LANScan with print advertising, online advertising, trade show exhibition and more.

We distribute our leads to Authorized Resellers for follow up

Marketing Materials

Enhance professional image

LANScan product marketing materials are available at no charge for distribution to your customers.

LANScan Software provides brochures, data sheets, price lists, press releases and presentation materials in hardcopy and online form.

Demo Software

Provide customer test drives

Time limited demos are available at no charge.

With your first order, you also receive a fully licensed version of LANScan for your demo use.

Additional copies may be obtained with further product orders.

Immediate Availability

Improve Customer Service

LANScan is available immediately from our stock. In emergencies, the product can be enabled by phone.

40% Discount

Good margins

We offer our Authorized Distributors a 40% discount off List Prices, including Support Agreements. Sign up today!

Online Listing

Increase Company Exposure

Authorized Distributors will be listed on our two web sites( and We can also provide a link to your site.

Low Prices

Easy sell to customers

LANScan is designed from the ground up to be attractive to small sites, and that includes aggressive pricing. LANScan Traffic View starts at only $79!

Excellent Support

Increase Confidence in the product

LANScan Software supports LANScan from offices in the US and Europe.

Support is provided by skilled technical staff with experience in all phases of LANScan development and application.