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LANScan Network Monitor

LANScan is a powerful new product for monitoring and diagnosing Local Area Network(LAN) problems. LANScan is focused on providing valuable information about network performance - and making it accessible without requiring experience in network analysis.

LANScan monitors network traffic, builds a real-time database documenting who is communicating on the network and presents the data in a variety of real-time displays. Tools for monitoring availability, identifying network performance problems and reporting usage are included and can be used to extend the functionality of LANScan.

Key Benefits

  • Includes all of the features found in LANScan Traffic View, plus
  • Reports network activity for all devices on the network including their conversations, bandwidth usage and protocols.
  • CSV File based logging records network activity.
  • Event Monitor reports problems relating to traffic levels and responsiveness
  • Problems can be reported by dialog box popup, program initiation, email or pager
  • Explorer and Shortcut tools aid in organizing network information
  • Scheduled testing of devices - results reported in trend graph and via the Explorer and Shortcut views
  • User defined classes can be used to organize network devices.
  • User assigned names and descriptions can be attached to any network device or interface.
  • 'Quick View' supports one click access to network information for any device active on the LAN.

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Starts at $295. See the Price List for details. Purchase on line by clicking here.

Product Tour

See the LANScan Tour for an overview of product operation.