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LANScan Traffic View

Product Data Sheet

LANScan Traffic View monitors Ethernet and Serial network communications. Users can quickly identify the amount, source and type of network traffic. LANScan Traffic View includes integrated trace and test features which aid in diagnosing network faults. Use LANScan to track internet access; identify network faults; monitor network usage and more.

Have you ever needed to know more about your LAN? Do you want to know why LAN access seems so slow sometimes? LANScan Traffic View is a low cost tool that makes LAN details accessible to everyone. Needing no special hardware of software, LANScan uses existing serial or LAN interfaces to collect network traffic data.

Network Information Ė Fast and Simple

LANScan gives you information you need to proactively manage your network. Problems can be identified and resolved before they impact productivity. When problems do occur, LANScan can quickly identify the fault. A network professional will be able to solve serious problems quickly using the extensive network data collected automatically by LANScan , saving you money on consulting fees.

LANScan Traffic View is affordable and will pay for itself on the first instance of network trouble.

LANScan is easy to use. Install and run in less than 5 minutes - with no configuration!

Powerful Features

LANScan Traffic View features include:

Report of all network traffic totals in bytes and packets
Traffic to/from all network devices by IP, IPX, DNS or MAC address.
Traffic distribution by protocol type.
Integrated Active Test(PING) checks availability and responsiveness of IP devices
Intergrated Trace reports routing to IP devices
Name Details show all IP, IPX DNS and MAC addresses for a device.
Real time trends for all network conversations show relative traffic levels for all devices.
Auto Discover identifies all IP devices.

No Experience Required

You donít need a lot of LAN experience to benefit from LANScan . LANScan does not shroud the data you need to keep your LAN operating in a lot of technical jargon. LANScan delivers the information needed to maintain network performance in simple, clear terms.

Try LANScan Risk Free

A no-charge demo version is available from the LANScan Software, Inc. web site at, as well as other leading shareware software providers. Try the powerful features of LANScan and see if you donít agree that LANScan is the fastest, simplest path towards network monitoring success.