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LANScan is a powerful Network Monitoring and Diagnostic tool designed especially for administrators of small to medium scale PC LANs. With LANScan, network problems can be quickly identified, saving time and money. A powerful suite of data collection, active testing, event monitoring and historical analysis is easily configured through a friendly, familiar user interface based on standard MS Windows techniques. Users with little or no network knowledge will be able to gather useful network data, and use it to solve real business problems.

Have you ever wondered about the role of the network when a PC problem occurs in your business? For most people, the network is a mystery, and there is little or no information available. When a problem occurs on any network connected PCs, the cause may be the network, either partially or completely. Without information on how the network is operating, it is impossible to identify one potential problem source. Network problems are often found through trial and error, resulting in expensive loss of productivity. When intuition fails, professionals are needed to solve problems, costing even more in down time and expensive fees.

Network Information – Fast and Simple

LANScan provides information you need to proactively manage your network. Problems can be identified and resolved before they impact productivity. When problems do occur, LANScan can quickly identify network based faults, resulting in a faster return to normal operation. A network professional will be able to solve serious problems quickly using the extensive network performance data collected automatically by LANScan , saving you money on consulting fees.

Affordable for all users, LANScan will pay for itself on the first instance of network trouble. LANScan will reduce or eliminate downtime related to network hardware, software or cabling problems.

With LANScan, users can readily identify network problems and get them corrected quickly.

Cooperative Applications

Four application modules gather and analyze network data. The Data Collection module reviews all packets on a Local Area Network and automatically generates detailed statistics regarding LAN usage and errors; Active Testing regularly tests the network to insure adequate end-to-end response times for users; Event Monitoring analyses the information collected by the Data Collection and Active Testing modules and reports problems in a variety of ways. LANScan Professional includes a Historical Module, which adds long term storage and review capability. LANScan Pro retains all network data and evaluates long term performance.

Gather Critical LAN data - Automatically

LANScans’ Data Collection module analyzes all packets on a Local Area Network segment. Statistics on network utilization organized by device are automatically recorded by LANScan. With no impact on LAN performance, LANScan can identify all devices and compile comprehensive statistics on who is using the network and how.. Multiple segments may be monitored simultaneously, and future versions will include remote segment monitoring for even greater network coverage.

Prevent Problems before they Happen

Sometimes it is not enough to observe. LANScan performs Active Testing to identify potential problems – to any device on the local network or those accessible through a wide area network, such as the Internet. With Active Testing, LANScan can identify faulty network devices or links before they become a problem for your business applications. Are you wondering why response seems to improve or degrade, seemingly without reason? LANScan Active Testing can readily identify periods of peak network traffic, which dramatically impact your response times.

Get Help fast

When problems occur, you want solutions fast. The LANScan Event Monitor reports problems to the right people quickly. For any network device, LANScan Events may be configured to report out of range conditions. LANScan Events report high or low levels of network traffic, high network utilization by a single user, slow or no response from devices as well as many other problems.

Events are reported in variety of ways, to multiple users. Reporting options include Email, program initiation, multimedia clips, or pop up dialogs. In addition all events are automatically recorded in the LANScan Log, available in the LANScan user interface. LANScan Event Montoring can be configured to automatically report major problems to your network provider, improving their response time and decreasing productivity losses in your business.

LANScan supports event reporting to more than one user. With this feature, you can keep tabs on how quickly your network support provider responds to your problems, since you have the same notification available to you as they have received.

Look at the big picture with LANScan Professional

LANScan Professional adds a powerful long term storage facility to the real time network monitoring tools included in LANScan. LANScan Pro automatically stores all data collected by LANScan through Data Collection, Active Testing and Event Monitoring in a relational database. LANScan Pro includes several review functions accessible via the LANScan user interface, and the database is also available for creation of custom reports or integration with 3rd Party applications. LANScan History is stored in MS Access and can be directly manipulated from any MS Office application.

LANScan Pro extends the Event Monitoring functions to include comparison of current network performance against historical. Long term network performance can be monitored, and efficient resource planning can occur.

Easy to Use

LANScan is easy to configure and use. The user interface features standard Menu access to all functions, plus an Explorer interface, shortcut bar and configurable toolbars. An Event Log showing all active events is also available. Fully customizable, the LANScan user interface can be tailored to meet specific user interface requirements. Multiple user profiles can be created, supporting customized use by several users on one PC.

No Risk

Try LANScan or LANScan Pro without risking a penny! A special time limited version of LANScan is available from our web site at at no charge.

Purchase LANScan or LANScan Pro and if you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Help when you need it

Lanscan Software offers a variety of support options and plans. Let us tailor the right program for your installation. In any case, you can be sure you’ll receive the help you need to get the most out of LANScan.

Cost effective network tools

LANScan is the best choice for managing small to medium LANs. LANScan is cost effective, feature rich and user friendly. Try it today!