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LANScan Network Monitor Product Tour

LANScan Network Monitor is full of features for monitoring your network, locating problems, analyzing performance and managing usage. From this page, choose the feature you wish to explore in more detail.

For a complete overview of LANScan Network Monitor, start at the first feature and follow the 'Next' button through the complete tour.

Feature Comment Link
Starting LANScan Its easy to quickly gather network information. Install LANScan and start it up - you'll get immediate real time network information Starting LANScan Network Monitor
Network Bandwidth Usage LANScan reports bandwidth usage for your network instantly, and over 5 Minute, 1 Hour and 8 Hour intervals. Our Summary View shows bandwidth usage, top hosts and the top protocols in use. LANScan Network Summary
Traffic Trends LANScan monitors all network traffic and builds a real time database of usage. Trends report this activity over time - giving you a visual indication of usage patterns. LANScan Traffic Trends
Conversations Conversations are communications between two network devices. For the network view in LANScan, the device transmitting data is reported. LANScans' Conversation view quickly identifies all nodes on your network that are transmitting data. LANScan Network Conversations
Protocols Traffic levels are important measures of network performance, but its also important to know what the traffic is. Protocols identify the type of applications running on your network. LANScan Network Protocols
Graphical Layout Organize your network devices to match their physical configuration. LANScan Layout is a fast, simple tool for viewing network organization with quick access to any device on your network. LANScan Layout
Monitoring Individual Devices LANScan network objects report traffic, conversations and protocols for the entire LAN. Device objects filter these views to include only traffic to/from an individual address. Use Device views to isolate problems and track individual usage of the network. LANScan Device Views
Monitoring groups of devices Interested in network usage by a type of network client? LANScan classes let you group network addresses and report total network usage by all devices in the class. LANScan Classes
Monitoring for unusual network activity LANScan can automate monitoring of your network. LANScan events can report excessive network usage, loss of connectivity to critical devices, inappropriate types of network traffic and more. LANScan Events
Reporting Problems LANScan events monitor for problems - now you want to alert your network administrator that a problem has occurred. LANScan Log groups provide a flexible, way to report problems. Using multiple Log groups lets you isolate events and report them according to their severity. You can use 3rd party programs, email, multimedia and dialogs to report events via Log groups. LANScan Log Groups
Network Activity Reports Day to day network activity can be automatically compiled and reported via file, printer or email with LANScan reports. LANScan Reports
Long term data logging If you want a permanent record of network activity, use LANScan data logging to record network statistics. LANScan creates CSV(comma separated files) recording traffic level, active network devices and protocols in use. Easily read by Windows applications, CSV files are a great way to get long term data about network activity. CSV Data Logging
Testing device connectivity PING support for IP addresses is built in to LANScan. When a LANScan device is created, you can schedule testing to occur automatically and the response time will be graphed in real time. You can also test any address on demand. LANScan Active Test
Tracing the path to a network device Many times slow response can be due to inefficient network routing. That means that the most direct path to a network address is not used. Similar to driving on the backroads when there is a freeway to your destination. Both routes will get you there, but the freeway is faster. LANScan helps experienced network managers find the right route by reporting, on request, the route taken to reach a specific network address LANScan Trace Route
Resolving network address problems What if you have two devices on your network that are assigned to the same address? Odds are network performance will suffer while one device or the other just will not work. LANScans' Address Details feature makes it easy to see all address details for any device on the network, and correct any problems. LANScan Address Details
The LANScan workspace LANScan features multiple real time views, an Explorer window, logs and Shortcuts. LANScan Workspace
Customizing the user interface All User Interface features are configurable, and settings can be retained for individual users. LANScan Workspace Settings