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LANScan̉ Version 3.00 Released

HTML Reporting highlights new features


Charlottesville, VA Sept 25th LANScan Software announces the release of LANScan Version 3.00. The latest release of this powerful network monitoring tool adds significant capabilities to the report generation features of the product family. The new version is available now with free demonstration software available from the corporate web site at

LANScans’ new report generation tools offer extensive flexibility for reporting on network activity. New report types include HTML formatted reports and  Comma Separated Variable reports. Any LANScan report can be directed to remote file locations, web servers or sent via email to support automatic remote network monitoring.

LANScan Version 3.00 also introduces new real-time reporting styles, including a gauge style which provides at-a-glance reporting of key network variables.

LANScan has been used worldwide to monitor Internet site access, identify network bottlenecks, locate faulty hardware and identify network traffic intensive applications. LANScan is supported by a worldwide network of distributors and is also available online from the company. Free demonstration versions of all LANScan products can be downloaded from the company web site at or from leading online software providers.

LANScan software is priced from $79 to $995, depending on features and support plans. CD-ROM versions include a range of network support tools included at no extra charge, including a network protocol analyzer and a remote control program

LANScan Software, founded in 1998, designs, sells and supports products for network monitoring and control. The company is privately held and based in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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