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LANScan Version 3.0 Released

LANScan Software is pleased to announce the release of LANScan Version 3.00. All three versions of LANScan Software(Traffice View, Network Monitor and Professional) have been updated.

Version 3.00 dramatically improves LANScans' ability to monitor larger, higher traffic networks. Specific enhancements include:

  • Upgraded relational database  LANScan Professional  stores long term historical data in a relational database fully compatible with Microsoft Access. That means you can use Access and other Microsoft office tools to produce advanced reports and graphs detailing historical performance of your network.
  • 'Fuel Gauges' A new gauge display reports overall network performance in real time - its easy to see at a glance just how your network is performing with three important parameters updated in real time.
  • HTML Reports LANScan can now generate HTML performance reports, making it easy to distribute Network performance data to those who need it quickly.
  • Improved CSV Logging LANScan Network Monitor and Professional can log data into Comma Separated Variable (CSV) files. The file format has been enhanced to provide more detailed information.
  • Problem fixes Changes have been made in several areas to fix known problems and improve system compatibility.

As always, demo versions of all three LANScan products (LANScan Traffic View, LANScan Network Monitor and LANScan Professional) are available to try for free with no obligation. 

Customers with current LANScan Plus subscriptions will receive a CD-ROM update with Version 3.00 very soon. Others who wish to upgrade their version of LANScan to 3.00 may do so for a nominal charge.

Click here to view the Release Notes.

Click here to download Version 3,00